Do you eat pig's trotters online?

Do you eat pig's trotters online?

I suppose she simply doesn't like showing her weakness in front of her rival.

"You don't want it to become an uproar, if we do that". Ibuki nods slightly in response. So in other words, someone who would help us without causing an uproar while doing their utmost. That means the 3 idiots are out of the question already. In an event like this, it wouldn't be surprising if they start trumpeting this around here and there.

But even if I rely on someone who won't go around spreading this like Sakura, resolving this situation would be difficult for her. It would be inconvenient for her to contact an adult and I would just end up causing her trouble.

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In that same sense, Kushida and Karuizawa would also be unsuited to this sort of thing. Someone who can come and help us without raising a fuss. And in this case, the one I can rely on is---

"In this case". In my contacts list, the one person I can rely on right now will have to be none other than that man.

"I'll respect your wishes. But you have to leave the rest to me now" I told Ibuki.

"As long as it's not Horikita I'm fine with it" Ibuki promptly replies to me.

I then began to call a certain man. And a few seconds after the call had begun to ring, that reserved man quietly answers the call. I told him of my situation and asked him to help us. But not long after I started the conversation, my phone quietly blacked out.

"Battery's gone" I told Ibuki.

"Did you tell him properly?"

Now all I can do is sit and wait. There is no need to rush. Sooner or later, surely someone will realize this situation too. Even if we try to escape from the elevator like in the movies, it will only lead to more danger.

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But the situation seems to be progressing in an unexpected way. And as I thought I heard the deep sound made by the machine reverberating inside the elevator, the cooler that was sending a comfortable breeze into the room stopped.

"This can't be real..."

Ibuki, who had been calm up until now, started to panic. We were in a sealed space in the middle of summer, it wasn't a stretch to imagine that the temperature will start to rise in here.