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However, no matter how much you shout “Come out”, Tre’ainar was here from the beginning.

But Sadiz can’t see him.

She can’t even hear his voice.

“It’s not fair! Why only the Great Demon King!? The Great Demon King who took my father, my mother, my family, and my hometown and everything else, now he’s going to take Little man from me. no, way… such a thing…… I can’t allow that to happen?”

So, Sadiz couldn’t vent her anger even if she wanted to.

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All Sadiz could hear was the sound of waves echoing on the empty sandy beach.

“Ugh, uh… why…… why!”

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Then, Sadiz collapsed to her knees on the spot, shedding large tears.

“Why the Great Demon King? Why can’t I see you? How can you…… in less than a few months… raise Little man… to be so great and strong?”

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“Ever since he was born… I was by Little man’s side… I loved him more than anyone else… we spent more time together than with anyone else… after taking everything from me, this time you took Little man too… how do I not resent you? How could I not hate you! How do I stop you… ugh … uh…”

It was the first time the cool Sadiz had screamed so emotionally.

“… if only …… I hadn’t …… remembered my past trauma at that time, if only I hadn’t …… screamed! Nothing would have changed…”

Certainly. If it hadn’t been for that incident, I might still be in the Imperial Capital.

Sadiz and I might not have ended up like this.

“And… Little man too… you don’t intend to return to the Imperial City… and on that journey… I can’t accompany you, can I?”