Is there a safe game safe?

Is there a safe game safe?

“At this point, I believe that approximately fifteen students would find it difficult to search for a partner on their own.”

“Fifteen… That’s more than I expected.”

However, many Class 2-D students hadn’t decided on a partner yet either.

As long as they coordinated properly, there should be enough room for our classes to work together.

“Nanase-san. If you’ll allow for it, I’d like to come to an agreement with you and your class.”

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“An agreement, is it?”

“I’m hoping that you and I can decide on a combination of fifteen sets of partners and get this over with all at once. It wouldn’t matter what Academic Ability rating they might have. And, naturally, there wouldn’t be any points involved either. It would be an equal, collaborative relationship based on helping those who need to be helped.”

In other words, a relationship based on an understanding of mutual concessions and compromises.

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As we would be giving and taking from each other, private points and feelings wouldn’t need to get involved.

The chances of somebody being expelled would go down a lot with the establishment of this agreement alone.

However, things weren’t that simple, and both Horikita and Nanase were aware of that as well.

“This is on the premise that we can make that agreement in the first place, but there is no guarantee that we will be able to save those in Horikita-senpai’s class with Academic Ability in the vicinity of an E rating. The majority of the students in my class who are struggling to find partners have Academic Ability ratings of C or D.”

If, for example, the maximum Academic Ability rating they were willing to put forward was a C+, there would still be huge risks associated with pairing them up with someone who has an E rating from our class. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that, for us, the disadvantages would be far more prevalent.

“That’s why I’ll need you to do your best to make sure it doesn’t turn out like that.”

“Yes, I know. Even if that’s the case, I still don’t believe we will come to an agreement very easily.”

Nanase spoke her thoughts without denying anything.