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Qin Yi recalled his experience in the Zergs’ nest. He and another surviving member were brought in front of the Queen. He did not know what the Queen of the Zergs did to another member. That member immediately let out a sharp scream and died in just two minutes.

Qin Yi received the same treatment. It was as if countless needles were piercing his brain, but he did not die. Instead, he persevered tenaciously...

Many details in Qin Yi’s mind were strung together.

Obviously, the fact that he could see these images had something to do with the ‘consciousness of the nest’. The fact that he could obtain the ‘consciousness of the nest’ and establish such a spiritual connection with the Queen of the Zergs was obviously related to his experience in the Zergs’ nest.

The Zerg Queen did not talk to Qin Yi directly but Qin Yi could still clearly feel the Zerg Queen’s consciousness.

Humans were the invaders...

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The Zergs also suffered heavy losses under the attacks of humans...

If the humans and Zergs could stop fighting, neither side would suffer more losses...

This was especially so when Qin Yi stood on the Zergs’ side and thought about problems. Such thinking became natural and logical.

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Qin Yi wanted to try to communicate with the Zergs. Many thoughts flashed through his mind, but they could not enter the Zergs’ nest network and were completely useless.

Obviously, it was an accident that he could feel the Zergs’ network and did not die screaming on the spot. The human’s life form was not enough to fully utilize the Zergs’ consciousness. It could only be received and not transmitted.

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At that moment, Qin Yi suddenly felt that all the images were quickly leaving him. His consciousness was recovering.

AEEIS’s voice sounded in his ear. “Commander, I have injected you with nutrient serum. You can take over the battle at any time.”

The image in front of Qin Yi’s eyes gradually became clearer. The war between humans and Zergs was still going on. AEEIS should have taken over the battle and given him first aid.

Qin Yi tried hard to concentrate. He realized that he could still feel the connection between himself and the Zergs. He even felt a unique sense of familiarity with the Zergs.

On the battlefield, humans and Zergs were still in a deadlock.