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“Hey, wait! Hey!”

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“Shut up, you’re noisy.”

“But that’s because you didn’t respond-oh? Ayanokouji’s with you, huh? What are you two doing? Could it be… a date?”

Ishizaki ran over to where we were and said this, so Ibuki kicked him in the knee immediately after he said it.

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“Ow! What are you doing!”

“You know why you got kicked. I’m not going to say anything else, so get away from me.”

“What, there’s no point in doing that. We’re going to see each other later anyway.”

It seemed like Ibuki was meeting Ishizaki at Keyaki Mall.

“Is Ryuuen coming?”


I casually asked that, and Ishizaki accidentally answered.


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It seemed like these two were going to meet up at Keyaki Mall for some reason.

From the reaction Ishizaki made when I asked about Ryuuen, it wasn’t hard to guess what that reason was.

It also seemed like the meeting was supposed to be a secret.