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It was like an open arms race. Others were burning money; if someone didn’t burn money, then that person was destined to be at the bottom and to be eliminated by this circle!

None of these clubs present, be it the veteran clubs with history or ambitious clubs with good money, wanted to be eliminated.

What if a certain club were to buy three or four DGE members at once? Then, there was no need to play this competition anymore.

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That being the case... everyone, let’s buy together!

It just so happened that there were nine players in the DGE Club. The seven clubs sat together to bid since they would be able to grab one player each anyway.

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Then, every team would have one or two foreign aids. No one would be able to dominate. The championship would rely on real skills!

Therefore, no club was willing to give up on this opportunity.

Everyone waited anxiously.

Finally, there were footsteps outside, and a young man walked in.

Zhang Yuan stood up immediately. “Boss Pei!”

The managers of the other clubs also rose to greet Boss Pei. They were surprised that Boss Pei was really as young as the rumors said.

Zhang Yuan started to introduce these club managers one by one to Boss Pei.