What is mobile game online?

What is mobile game online?

“I have to take out the motivation to analyze the Tengda spirit together with Wu Bin. I have to figure out the deeper meaning behind Boss Pei and find the only correct answer!”

“I should follow Tengda’s internal interpretation and interpret Boss Pei’s true intentions properly!”

The Tengda spirit encouraged him once again just as Cui Geng was about to give up.

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Cui Geng had gained a deeper understanding of “Boss Pei’s intention to answer the standard train of thought” when he was analyzing the Tengda spirit and compiling the Tengda spirit manual with Wu Bin.

This was a set of methodology that Bao Xu, Huang Sibo, Lin Wan, and the other senior executives of the company had been perfecting to figure out Boss Pei’s true intentions.

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He could deduce Boss Pei’s true intentions through the content of the mission that Boss Pei had assigned. This move was effective in the games department, the film department, and the physical department. It created many miracles.

Now, Cui Geng decided to adapt and use it on his own creation!

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“What was the first step? Oh, right, find the most unreasonable point in Boss Pei’s words and start analyzing...”

Cui Geng tried hard to recall the conversation he had with Boss Pei in the morning.

In fact, Boss Pei did not say much. He only said, “Superheroes can also be written for domestic readers”, “We don’t have to make domestic readers like these superheroes”, “We can write these superheroes to death or half-dead”.

“It sounds like Boss Pei is hinting to me not to use the traditional Western story structure to write a superhero story. Instead, I should try my best to tell it in a way that domestic readers would accept...”

Cui Geng began to look up related information online.

Superhero movies were a part of cultural output and had a huge market in the country. Cui Geng might not have paid special attention to them, but he knew some basic concepts.

Superheroes might have different abilities, personalities, and identities, but most of them had similar characteristics:

Possessing extraordinary strength, technical ability, or proficiency in related equipment in a certain area could be considered in this category, they did not include strength, wisdom, special abilities or money.

They wanted to uphold justice and be responsible. They would choose to stand up for others in times of danger without wanting anything in return.

To a certain extent, they represented the morals of the Westerners. They did not kill people but handed them over to the police and the law.

They usually had a secret identity to protect their friends and family. At the same time, they often had another identity apart from superheroes in real life, such as reporters, students, rich second-generation heirs, and so on.