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Sitting down on the bed with a poof, Kei looked up at the ceiling and muttered gloomily.

My girlfriend, Karuizawa Kei, and I had been regularly going on secret dates so that we could reveal our relationship once the second semester started. Today would be the last one.

While we shared a somewhat uninvigorating time; it was by no means an uncomfortable one.

If we had been friends who hadn’t known each other for a long time, I might’ve been impatient to say a few words and felt a bit muddled.

“From tomorrow, it’s okay for me to tell others about my relationship with you… I feel kinda nervous.”

“There’s no need for you to force yourself to tell people. I won’t be held responsible if your status drops.”

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“I’ll absolutely tell them. Even if something happens, you’ll protect me so I’ll be fine. Right, Kiyotaka?”

Kei said it jokingly, but they were unmistakably her true feelings. By clinging to a strong host, parasites were able to protect themselves.

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I finished the last sip of my coffee and sat down next to Kei.

I squeezed her slender hand and she gently squeezed it back.


At that moment, I pressed my lips on her soft lips.