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Just like that?

They had thought that Boss Pei was going to start his ‘killing spree’ immediately, but in the end, Boss Pei said that he was going to ‘give way’?

Boss Pei always seemed to be able to give very subversive and creative suggestions previously. However, this time, Boss Pei’s suggestions seemed to be quite standard. There was nothing special about them.

“Give way” sounded nice, but in fact, it was nothing more than passively defending. What’s more, Boss Pei had specifically emphasized that one had to spend less money than the other party in a price war?

What kind of logic was that?

However, it was obvious that Boss Pei had said all that he wanted to say looking at his expression. All that was left was an expression that said, “Go figure it out on your own.”

Thus, the two of them could only take their leave.

After leaving Boss Pei’s office, Min Jingchao and Ye Zhizhou looked confused. Obviously, asking Boss Pei this time had not achieved the effect they wanted.

There were no reliable countermeasures to deal with the threat of IOI.

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In other words, Boss Pei had given them a reliable plan, but they had not understood the deeper meaning behind it.

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The two of them returned to the 17th floor and sat down in the lounge. They sipped their drinks as they stared at each other.

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Both of them saw the same attitude in each other’s eyes.

“Do you believe that Boss Pei is that simple?”

“I don’t believe you. What about you?”

“I don’t believe it either.”