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Lin Canrong did not ask any more questions. Pei Qian was satisfied. He left several more instructions and reminded Lin Canrong to call him as soon as something went wrong. Then, Pei Qian hung up the phone.

Although Lin Canrong did not ask any questions over the phone, he fell into deep thought the moment he hung up. What was Boss Pei planning to do? Could he be trying to pull the legendary ‘sales without explanation’? No matter what questions customers asked, they could not explain too much? Should their attitude say ‘just eat, why do you have to ask so many questions’?

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Of course, they could not be so harsh in terms of their attitude. According to Boss Pei, waiters still had to serve customers as if they were serving royalty. However, the only catch was that they could not answer the royalty’s questions in too much detail.

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This was completely opposite to what Lin Canrong was used to.

For some reason, he felt that something was not right! People had to communicate in order to dispel misunderstandings. If customers were unhappy in any way, waiters had to do their best to clarify their doubts and ensure that customers understood as much as possible. If they did nothing but smiled and laughed, the misunderstandings might deepen.

However… Boss Pei was very clear with his instructions. He even called to ensure that Lin Canrong understood. It was obvious how important this was to him.

“Forget it. Boss Pei must have his own intentions. I shouldn’t overthink. I’ll just do as Boss Pei says. Wait, how did Boss Pei know that customers would visit soon?

“Oh, Boss Pei must have thought of a way to publicize the restaurant. No wonder he told me not to worry about publicity.”

Lin Canrong did not completely understand what Boss Pei was thinking, but he got the impression that Boss Pei had everything in the palm of his hands. It was almost as if he had prepared everything for the future.

How good was it to have a leader like that?!

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Lin Canrong heaved a sigh of relief and prepared to pass the instructions down to the waiters.

At night, Pei Qian arrived back at his apartment. He put away the remains of the camera he dissected and then made some edits to the video before uploading it.

Hardcore Reviews was getting more and more fans. Although the number of fans was increasing at an ordinary pace, the current situation fell outside of Pei Qian’s expectations. All in all, he had achieved his aim!

Even if Lin Chang remembered Pei Qian, he would not be able to say that the latter had not done anything after receiving money.

Pei Qian scanned through the lame bullet screen comments on his previous episodes and then began to plan for the future.