Make money on the Internet is true

Make money on the Internet is true

However, he had no other choice. He could not bear to lose this ‘child’.

It would be worth it if this 38,000 yuan investment could make Meng Chang continue to work hard for him in exchange for the VR glasses project being unprofitable!

July 5th, Thursday.

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At Dream Realization Ventures.

He Desheng handled the daily affairs of the investment firm as usual.

He felt that his work had been rather boring recently.

That was because Dream Realization Ventures was no longer the same as before.

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Previously, Boss Pei had personally directed Dream Realization Ventures to invest in shared phone booths and Fully-Automated Bickering Machines. How interesting!

He Desheng had been in the investment industry for a long time. That was the most eye-opening and happiest time for him.

He Desheng felt like he was witnessing an investment miracle as he watched these projects that looked like they would lose everything if he invested money.

However, Boss Pei was less involved personally in such investments as Tengda Corporation’s work became more.

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Boss Pei was no longer in charge of the specific matters of investment. He left a living investment myth in Jingzhou.

It was a real pity to some.

It was the happiest thing for He Desheng to be able to see Boss Pei’s godly operations up close. However, he no longer had such good luck.

Boss Pei left Dream Realization Ventures a few ‘brilliant plans’ after he stopped being in charge of investments.

First, he wanted He Desheng to invest without prejudice. The initial investment would be the same amount. If the investment incurred losses, he would continue to invest. If the investment earned money, he would withdraw.

At first, He Desheng thought that the investment method was ridiculous. However, after running it for a while, he realized that it had magically formed a screening mechanism.

Those who wanted to cheat money with high valuations would not be able to deceive Dream Realization Ventures because Dream Realization Ventures had already run away after making a small profit.