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「Barabara! For a Four Knights acknowledged by that Burrell Ronelia, you’re pretty fainthearted!」

「I don’t have any confidence at all. When it comes to dealing with you, I need to appropriately resolve myself, too. I am truly sorry, but let’s do it at another time please.」

Sebas-san bowed slightly with a bitter smile.

「Well, normally, I just pull out my sword right away instead of talking, but… you’re in luck today. Unfortunately, I can’t make too much noise right now, either.」

Bacchus-san muttered with regret, and let go of the topic.

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After we finished washing our bodies,

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「By the way, Sebas-san, what is your “real purpose”?」

I took a step forward and threw that question at him.

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At present, the relationship between the Five Great Powers and the Holy Ronelia Empire is at “worst ever”. There is no reason why an Emperor’s Four Knights would be wandering around Cherin without any purpose in this present situation where an “all-out war” might break out at any moment.

(Moreover, it’s hard to believe that he ran into us by chance.)

His aim is either Ria or the president. Or it might even be me.

At any rate, I am almost certain that he has a “purpose”.

When I kept looking Sebas-san in the eye, he let out a sigh of resignation.

「Haa… Even if I say holiday, you don’t seem to believe me. You’re right. As you are probably thinking, I came out here today for a very “big purpose”.」

「A very big purpose?」

「Well, before that… Naked adult men standing around and talking in the open is kind of tasteless. And I’m sure we have a lot to talk about. So, let’s continue over there.」

Sebas-san pointed towards the sauna room.

Sebas-san, Bacchus-san, and I entered the sauna room with only a white towel each.