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A domestically-produced game had actually defeated Fantasy Battle Remake head-on. What’s more, it had crushed it in all aspects. This was something to hold their heads high for domestic gamers!

This was unimaginable in their era!

Of course, the main reason why it could be crushed head-on was mainly because Fantasy Battle Remake did too poorly. It could be said to be trash among trash, but no matter what, it would be crushed.

What’s more, the quality of ‘Mission and Choice’ was very good!

He An had originally thought that Mission and Choice would definitely be done for if they were to clash with Fantasy Battle Remake. However, he now realized that the other party was done for. All of its popularity had been sucked away by Mission and Choice!

He An suddenly felt that everything was within Boss Pei’s plan thinking back to Boss Pei’s confident and secretive manner.

Pei Qian’s expression became even more blank as he listened to He An’s voice message.

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What are you talking about!

Are you senile? I was the one who asked you about the genre and theme. You decided it yourself!

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How did it become what I planned?

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I can take the blame for the success of the game but the choice of genre and theme had nothing to do with me!

Pei Qian immediately replied: “How is that possible? Aren’t you the one who set the game genre, theme, story background, and even some design details?”

He An quickly replied, “Boss Pei, don’t be so humble. I’m recalling the scene back then. You must have used a special psychological suggestion method, right?”

“You asked me what the coolest game genre is now. At the same time, Tengda has not developed RTS games before. Therefore, I subconsciously directed my thoughts to RTS!”