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“Tengda has always prided itself in running its businesses honestly and without making anything up. That’s how it built such a good reputation in the eyes of the customers. Thus, even when we enter new industries, customers would tend to trust us easily.

“Tengda’s goods and services might be more expensive, and our quality-price ratio might be slightly poorer, but we would never take advantage of our customers. That’s why our customers trust us so much, and that’s the second most valuable resource that our company owns.”

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Song Kai slowly and cautiously raised his hand. “I’m sorry to interrupt you. What’s our most valuable resource, then...?”

Lu Mingliang looked incredulous. Inside, he wondered why he had to explain this.

However, after realizing that Song Kai was not figuring it out, he helplessly answered, “Boss Pei’s brain, of course.”

A realization dawned on Song Kai, and he nodded profusely.

That’s right. How come I couldn’t answer such a simple question?!

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Pei Qian: “...”

At that moment, he was at a loss for words.

Lu Mingliang continued speaking. “It’s precisely because customers trust Tengda so much that Tengda has been able to achieve a measure of success in every industry. Thus, that trust is very valuable. Partnering Sloth Apartments with furniture brands and property developers would be akin to using the trust that our customers have in us to back other businesses.

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“Ideally, this would be a win-win situation. As the middlemen, we would be the bridge between our customers and the manufacturers. The manufacturers would earn less, the profits would be shared, and consumers would enjoy discounted prices. We would also stand to benefit from this arrangement.

“However, the question is how you can ensure that your arrangement with those other businesses would remain under the ideal scenario. The manufacturers may start off well with you, but they might become greedy later given how easy it would be for them to earn more money. They might start compromising on the quality of their products to earn bigger profit margins, and customers are bound to discover this.