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Especially what He An said at the beginning of his long Weibo post: “This game is a textbook for game makers. If you don’t have professional knowledge of game production, you may not understand it.”

It was referring to Qiao Liang himself in his point of view!

As expected, a veteran would always be a veteran.

As a veteran game enthusiast, Qiao Liang had always despised these game makers previously and felt that these mediocre game makers were nothing more than that. Their understanding of games might not be deeper than his own.

However, he was totally wrong, seeing what he saw today.

He really could not use his own hobbies to challenge others’ jobs. There was still a huge gap between amateurs and professionals after all.

Of course, humans were always prone to making mistakes. When professionals make mistakes, people would look at them as though they were not as good as amateurs. However, professionals have proven that they could definitely do much better than amateurs since they could make it their jobs.

He An’s analysis made Qiao Liang understand the truth. The official Weibo post by Boss Pei did not block all his roads. It blocked all other roads, leaving only one.

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This was the true way of interpretation for the true meaning of the game ‘Struggle’!

It was just that Qiao Liang did not realize it since he lacked professional knowledge in the game.

Let’s look at how He An analyzed it?

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He directly used a basic theory of literary and artistic creation. He solved the labyrinth that Qiao Liang could not get out of thinking hard.