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Most students finished their greetings after a few words, but Kushida continued to talk.

“First of all, I want to become friends with everyone here. After all of you are done with your introductions, please exchange contact information with me!”

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Her words weren’t just words. I could tell immediately that she was the type of girl to open up her heart immediately.

Her words to Inogashira weren’t just encouragement that seemed appropriate for the situation, but were her true feelings.

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Also, she seemed the type of person who would get along with everyone.

“Then, during vacations or after school, I want to make memories with many people, so please invite me to many events. I’ve been talking for a while, so I’ll end my self-introduction here.”

She’d definitely get along with all the boys and girls in the class.

… Of course, it’s not like I’m critiquing other people’s self-introductions.

I’m feeling a bit restless for some reason.

What I should say in my introduction… should I try to tell a joke too?

Or should I bring out laughs by creating high tension during my speech?

No, but I wonder. High tension would probably just ruin the mood. To begin with, I’m not that kind of character.

While I was lost in my own worries, the self-introductions continued.

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“Then, the next one is───”

As Hirata looked at the next student, the next student shot him a sharp glare.

With bright red hair, the boy looked like a delinquent and spoke in a manner that matched his appearance.

“You guys idiots? I don’t wanna introduce myself, just leave me alone.”

Red hair glared at Hirata. Tension hung in the air.