Online part-time departments, do not make money

Online part-time departments, do not make money

“Ah, youngsters are indeed youngsters. They want to reap all the benefits on their own; this is not the thinking a good entrepreneur should have.”

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Analyzing from every aspect, Li Shi found it hard to explain why Boss Pei would have so decisively rejected his offer to invest. The crux was the rejection had been so clean-cut; Boss Pei had not even bothered to hear the specifics.

Li Shi could only think of one explanation. Boss Pei was an impetuous person who was very stubborn. He had a strong desire to exert control over his businesses and did not want anyone butting in.

Of course, looking at this from another perspective, this meant that Boss Pei still firmly believed that this internet cafe was on the right track. He believed that it would definitely make money in the future and hence did not want to share these profits with anyone else.

Although Li Shi could directly approach Pei Qian to clarify this, Li Shi did not intend to do so.

He was after all a boss of an investment firm; how could he do something like that?

If he handed over his name card and Boss Pei spoke some niceties and rejected Li Shi again, wouldn’t that be embarrassing?

Furthermore, based on what had happened, the chances of him being rejected again were very high.

“Hmph, youngster, no one can reject an investment from me; you will not be an exception. Even though investments were the same thing, some companies would fawn over it while others would gladly accept it. Others, however, needed just a little push…”

Li Shi quietly observed Pei Qian as a confident smile appeared on his face.

June 24th…

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In Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s flagship store…

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A rented car stopped outside as Ma Yang immediately alighted and entered the internet cafe.

“Boss Ma, is the exam over? How did it go?” Zhang Yuan saw Ma Yang entering as he warmly greeted and asked.

Ma Yang found a spot and sat down casually as he stretched. His huge face was pulled even longer by his yawn. “It isn’t a very important class; it shouldn’t be hard to pass.”

“I had even lent my take-home assignments for Brother Qian to copy so that he could at least get ten marks for them. I feel that in the upcoming one or two months, he wouldn’t hound us regarding the internet cafe and take-out businesses’ losses.”

Zhang Yuan was filled with much respect and admiration. Indeed, this is what it meant by ‘things went easy as long as one had an insider’, right?

Previously, Zhang Yuan couldn’t figure out why someone like Ma Yang could have taken on such an important position as General Manager of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe. Now, everything made sense.