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That was exactly right!

Boss Pei’s thought process… could ordinary people fathom that?

Only Huang Sibo and Bao Xu could roughly guess at Pei Qian’s designs and plans; everyone else was far from that level!

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Lu Mingliang knew this deeply as he took a notebook and kept on taking notes. Fortunately, Boss Pei had given a very detailed description; and Lu Mingliang didn’t need to do much guessing. All he had to do was strictly abide by Boss Pei’s words; that won’t go wrong!

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Lin Wan raised a hand and said, “Boss Pei, I feel that this is a rather novel design! However, if the gamers were to walk about forever in the game; would they get bored?”


That was ideal!

That was the effect I wanted!

However, Lin Wan’s question made Pei Qian think about another hidden danger. Would this… not be pushing the envelope enough? If the game was only boring, it might not be sufficient to push gamers to quit.

What if they liked the feeling of making choices, tolerated the boredom, and actually became engrossed in it?

Pei Qian became deep in thought.

“I know.” Pei Qian suddenly thought of a good idea, “Let’s add some voice-overs in the game!”

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“Voice-overs?” Lin Wan blinked. She didn’t really understand.

Although it wasn’t that common to have voice-overs in games, that was normally added with the computer graphics at introduction scenes. If it was added during the gameplay, it would affect the player immersion of the game.

Pei Qian laughed.

Why did he want to add voice-overs?

He precisely wanted to affect the gamers’ immersion into the game, preventing them from continuing!

Not only that, but I also want to add some controversial statements into the voice-overs, to continuously mock the players, make them angry, and have them start scolding out loud!