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Pei Qian stretched and scanned his work memo.

“Eh? It’s August again before I know it.”

“Doesn’t that mean… I’m going to have my third favorite ‘Bao Xu Travel’ segment again?”

Tengda had two outstanding employee selections each year, in February and August.

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Half a year had passed too quickly. In the blink of an eye, the scene of Bao Xu and Liang Qingfan going to Egypt to look at the pyramid was still vivid in his mind. It seemed to have happened yesterday.

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“Bao Xu’s Travel” has become a traditional retention project. It was Pei Qian’s third favorite segment.

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What were the first and second places?

Of course, it was to settle the losses and Meng Chang getting the basic salary.

If he ranked further down the list, Teacher Qiao going around haunted houses might be ranked fourth on the list for the four happiest events in Boss Pei’s life.

“I wonder where Bao Xu will choose to travel this time?”

Pei Qian did not even consider the possibility that Bao Xu was not going on a holiday.

That was because it was basically a done deal from all the signs!

Before this, Pei Qian had wanted to protect Bao Xu. He had already written the commendation letter. In the end, he only showed it to Bao Xu and scared him. He did not send it out.

However, he did not expect the snack market to become popular and the television station to interview him. Bao Xu’s hard work for the snack market was immediately known by everyone!

Pei Qian could not protect him anymore.

Over the past six months, the most successful project should have been ‘Mission and Choice’. After all, it was a huge project that had been held back for nearly a year. The game and movie were very successful. The best employee would definitely be produced from this project.

Huang Sibo contributed the most since he was the one who took the lead in the entire project. However, the problem was that Huang Sibo had already received the Dream Fund once and would not get it a second time.

On the surface, this setting meant that since an employee had already received the Dream Fund, it meant that his dream had been realized. He would not take it a second time and leave the opportunity to others.