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What is good software chat to make money?

Lu Zhiyao grabbed the chilled beer with its cold droplets and opened it with a ‘pang’. He then raised his head, took a big mouthful, and let out a sigh of satisfaction. There were a smile and satisfaction of drinking beer on his face at this point in time.

However, his smile gradually faded. Lu Zhiyao’s attention was attracted to the small green screen next to him. He looked at the green screen and silently sipped his beer, imagining what the scene on the small screen was at this point in time.

There should be many advertisements for food and wine on the small screen then. An upper-class man in his mansion or villa pouring fine wine into the decanter before pouring into the crystal clear goblet.

There was delicious food on the clean white table that made people salivate.

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A beautiful woman with bright red nail polish lifted the wine glass from her hand gracefully to touch the wine glass of the successful man across the table. The wine then flowed into the red lips of the beautiful woman.

Lu Zhiyao sipped the beer as he looked at the green screen. During the period, he raised his hand, wanting to touch the small screen. Perhaps it was a little difficult to resist the temptation of certain advertisements. However, he hesitated again and continued to sip his beer in silence.

This can of beer was finished eventually.

Lu Zhiyao raised his head and tried to pour the last drop of beer into his mouth before putting the empty can onto the table. He then stared at the colorful advertisements on the screen with a blank look.

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After a long time, Lu Zhiyao suddenly squeezed the empty can in his hand and threw it into the trash.

Pa-ta. The can hit the edge of the trash and fell onto the floor.

Lu Zhiyao did not pick it up again but sat slumped onto the ground, leaning against the bed. He hugged his knees with his arms and buried his head deeply into his arms.

“Cut! It was awesome!

“This scene is great! “That is in line with the male lead’s mentality!

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Zhu Xiaoce was full of praise for Lu Zhiyao’s performance.

Lu Zhiyao was elated as well. His acting skills had been affirmed.

“I have to thank Director Zhu and Mr. Zhang for your guidance. Of course, the most important factor was for Boss Pei to change my fundamental mentality and made me realize that I made the mistake of being too dramatic.”

Lu Zhiyao cast a grateful look at Pei Qian.