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What software can I make money on the Internet?

「A ruffian is on a rampage! Contact the Holy Knights!」

「Oi Oi, at least give me a break on holiday…!」

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The place where the pillar of fire went up was near. Just about ten meters from where we were.


「Let’s go!」

When we rushed to the scene, there was a man with a huge scorching sword resting on his shoulder.

「Zahahahahaha! The〈Fafnir〉from rumours, only amounts to this much!? I’m so disappointed!」

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At his feet, there was the figure of Ria and Rose crawling on the ground.

「R-Ria-san!? And Rose-san too!?」

「You… What did you do to them …!」

I clenched my scarred right arm and glared at the man in front of me.

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I took a step forward to help the fainted Ria and Rose, but