How to make money online training industry

How to make money online training industry

Or rather, they say children are truly simple-minded, well... but still, I can’t bring her with...

『It cannot be helped. Take her along, child.』

「...... what? Hey, what are you... well, as I said earlier, I don’t have time for this!」

『You may consider her the same as a weight, like on your wrist.』

「No, no, still if I give a piggyback, I my hands won’t be free during roadwork, so shadows...」

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『If so―――――』

Tre’ainar gave a suggestion. And, Tsukshi pulled Amae, who clung tightly to my leg, and trying not to leave.

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“Amae! Will you listen to what I say!”

“Noo! Wooont!”

It’s already getting a little more troublesome.

So I want to put an end to the conflict...

“Er, Amae”

“Un? Ah...”

I picked up Amae who was being pulled by Tsukshi, lifted her up, and placed her... on my shoulder...

“I can’t give a piggyback because I need to use both hands, but is this okay?”


Yes, it’s a shoulder ride.