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「O-Oi Oi… What the hell is that output?!! I-I didn’t hear about this!? I-Isn’t that thing just a straight up monster!?」

He slowly backed away, muttering something incoherent.

「It’s not like I hid it, but this is my soul dress. Gregor Ash. Sorry, but I’m going to settle this match soon!」

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Thus, the death fight between me and Gregor finally entered the final phase.

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With the True Black Sword in my hand, I started running in a straight line to close the distance with Gregor.

「Shit… Don’t come near me! Embers Forest!」

He judged that close-range battle is disadvantageous and jumped back while creating ash trees.

「You’re not escaping!」

I cut down the trees that blocked my course, making a beeline towards him.

「You monster… Stop cutting my『ash』like it’s some kind of tofu!」

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Gaining enough acceleration, I stepped into the certain kill distance and unleashed a downslash with that momentum.

「Tch, don’t underestimate me – Embers Shield!」

When Gregor thrust the ash sword forward, a gigantic ash shield appeared in front of him.