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Junior high school students do what to make money online

“I hope the local media can interview the FV team. I feel that their month in Los Angeles was quite mysterious. They changed for no reason. I didn’t expect them to be in the same team as the FV team that only managed to obtain the first seed in the domestic qualifiers!”

“In short, let’s look forward to the championship team coming back victorious! I can’t wait to see them live-stream!”

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Public opinion in the country was filled with optimism after FV Team won IOI’s global finals.

From the defeat of the other two teams in the group stages at the beginning, to the surprise of FV Team turning the tide in the top eight, and then to winning the championship in such a dominating manner in the finals, the entire IOI global finals could be said to be a huge show that made the audience feel satisfied.’

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Even many GOG players who did not have a competition to watch because GPL competition was not open were very happy. They were sincerely happy for FV Team.

This was Boss Pei’s team after all. Coach Old Zhou was a member of DGE. Naturally, he made people feel close to him.

A post appeared on the forum amidst this joyous atmosphere. It quickly caused a heated discussion.

The title of the post was: “What kind of magic does Boss Pei have to remould FV Team from a bottom-tier team to the world champion?”

“FV Team won the championship easily with three 3: 0s, IOI’s global finals finally came to a perfect end. FV Team’s stunning performance in Los Angeles undoubtedly left a deep mark in our country’s e-sports history for domestic players, and also left us a beautiful memory that we can remember for life.”

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“Who would have thought that this would happen a few months ago where an unknown team would have absolute dominance if this had not happened? The five main players of the team were also wandering around, with no fixed residence.”

“When the correct five people walk together, they would explode with energy that would shock the world. However, what I want to emphasize is who was the one who made the correct five people walk together? Who formed FV Ultimate Fantasy’s coach team for them?”

“Actually, if we look back at the group photo of FV Team when they set off for Los Angeles, we would be surprised to find that many of them look ordinary, but they actually have a huge background!”