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“The Supreme Executive Committee thinks that the best commander is a commander who sacrificed his life and died in battle against the Zergs.”

“You have a good reputation in the Alliance Fleet. The Supreme Executive Committee doesn’t want another person in their position. At the same time, you have the consciousness of a bug nest and your mental state is extremely unstable. No one knows when you will fall to the Zergs. Humans can no longer trust you.”

“Your death will draw a perfect end to the war.”

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“Captain Qin Yi, your name will forever be remembered by mankind.”

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The lights in the entire space immediately disappeared after AEEIS finished speaking. The command ship dragged a long tail of flames and accelerated towards the dense swarm of insects in the distance!

The human starship broke through the dense swarm of bugs and began to bombard the Queen of the Zergs’ nest on the other side of the planet!

The surface of the ground was torn apart and countless Zergs were reduced to ashes by the powerful firepower.

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However, all the Zergs in the vicinity still gathered towards the nest without caring about anything else and carried out their final struggle under the will of the Zerg. Queen

The scene changed. Countless Zergs had already climbed onto Qin Yi’s command ship in the universe.

The sharp teeth and claws of the Zergs tore the weakest part of the starship. Small Zergs swarmed in through the cracks, searching for the only human on the starship—Qin Yi’s location.

Qin Yi was still sitting in front of the command desk like a statue in the darkness.

Suddenly, the wall opposite him was torn open, and a large number of Zerg warriors rushed in!

A huge Leviathan beast had stopped beside the command ship, as if it wanted to swallow the entire command ship.

The scene changed.

The human soldiers poured their anger at the Zergs when they received the news that their commander was dead!

All of a sudden, the Zergs on the surface stopped swarming towards the human soldiers and starships. Instead, they became like headless flies. Some low intelligence Zergs froze on the spot and did not move.

The humans’ attacks were even more ferocious, sweeping away all the Zergs on the planet.