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How to do online mission to make money

I answered a bit angrily. Unexpectedly, Main-san apologized sincerely.

“Ah, sorry, I was being impolite. Forgive me, Karen Tendou.”

“Ah, w-well…”

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Her unusual apology halved my anger.

However, Main-san immediately returned to her usual expression and gazed at me.

“That’s why I don’t understand. Karen Tendou, …you’re more sincere to games than everyone else. So, you should have an unimaginable amount of love for Amako as an ex-girlfriend, right?”


I put my hand on my chest and clenched it determinedly.

Then, Chiaki-san and Amano-kun held their breaths as they listened to our conversation.

Main-san squinted her eyes. …She’s releasing an unprecedented amount of pressure.

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“That’s why…I have to ask you. What are you planning to do, Karen Tendou?”

Main-san’s aura suddenly changed.

“At that time, if you’re just doing it for your own sake, …even if you can’t defeat me, you won’t let the worst opponent- rival Chiaki Hoshinomori obtain the ownership of your loved one. Am I correct?”