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Lin Yu, who had not spoken the entire time, finally said something. “My thoughts haven’t changed. I still hope Ah Wan can come back as soon as possible.

“Although she has proven herself this time, I think chance played a big part in this. I don’t think Ah Wan recognizes how cruel the industry can be. I don’t see the point in her continuing on this path.”

Pei Qian nodded.

That’s absolutely right! Chance played a big part in her success. That’s what I think, too!

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Lin Chang added, “The main problem is that Ah Wan is living a free and easy life on the outside. My father can’t do anything to her, and so he’s pushing me to put pressure on her. Boss Pei, I’m in a difficult position.”

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Pei Qian remained silent for a second and said, “I remember you saying you regretted not becoming the lead singer for a band. That’s why you supported Lin Wan as she pursued her dreams.”

Lin Chang nodded. “That’s right. That was the case.

“However, Ah Wan has already pursued her dreams. She already created a successful game! I didn’t even get the chance to live my dream before it was completely destroyed!

“That’s why I’m suffering emotionally and turning against her!”

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Pei Qian, “…”

Indeed, their phony sibling relationship was breaking down under the pressure from old Master Lin.

Lin Yu continued, “Of course, I know that Lin Wan is now your beloved general, Boss Pei. She’s now the director of your newly-acquired Shang Yang Games. I can understand that you can’t bear to see her

Can’t bear to see her go? No, no, no. On this point, I’m on the exact same page as Old Master Lin. I want her to leave as soon as possible!

Pei Qian immediately raised his hand. “Boss Lin, you’re too courteous.

“Lin Wan’s potential will be better nurtured in Shenhua Corporation; I’m not that selfish!

“Please, take her as soon as you get the opportunity!”

Lin Yu was overjoyed. “Boss Pei, it’s great that you think that way! “However, there’s an existing problem. Ah Wan is way too stubborn. If we go too hard on her, it would backfire. I’m afraid we need you to think of a solution, Boss Pei.”