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I retorted sheepishly. However, Tendou-san immediately defeated me.

“Yeah. However, if that’s the case, home consoles give you a smoother experience, right?”


“Moreover, most importantly, in terms of you two’s situation…”

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Chiaki and I started trembling from the forewarning of a powerful attack.

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As for Tendou-san, …she smiled while presented us with the cruel truth without hesitation.

“In the end, you two just keep your consoles at home to play, am I right?”


Revealing the truth in front of otakus is way too brutal! Yeah! We spend time on it after school or when we’re out, but loners are almost always home! What’s wrong with that!? Why does it matter!?

…Chiaki and I glared at Tendou-san with tears in our eyes.

I guess Tendou-san felt a bit guilty, so she looked away with a stiff face. “Ugh!”

“A-Anyway, I don’t have a grudge against handheld consoles. I’m good as long as the title of King of Consoles belongs to home consoles. Hohoho…”

Tendou-san acted smugly. Chiaki, Uehara-kun, and I clenched our fists, unwilling to admit defeat.

During this time, …Aguri-san corrected all of us calmly.

“Uh, but I didn’t even ask who’s the king of consoles…”

“More importantly, based on what I’ve heard, I would think my boyfriend’s smartphone recommendation is the best for games since I’m not familiar with it.”

“Eh!” “Aguri!”