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Zhao Xuming only pressed the pause button on the remote control after all the matches were played.

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“Do you understand why I called you for a meeting now?”

“You are the official commentators and should have the highest standards. Yet, you were beaten by an unofficial commentator on a live-stream platform!”

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“The public opinion on the internet has exploded. There are a lot of viewers in the official live-streams on various live-stream platforms. How embarrassing!”

“All of you are professionals with rich working experience in this industry. How did it become like this? Is there a problem with your ability, attitude, or both?”

Zhao Xuming’s series of questions stumped everyone.

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The few commentators silently cried out in their hearts.

Can you blame us?

You are comparing us with the active professional players of FV Team Two in terms of understanding of the game. Wasn’t that a joke? We are only platinum and diamond level!

There was a huge difference when comparing to the understanding of professional gamers.

What’s more, they had been commentating in this way for other games. There’s nothing wrong with that, right? We’ve been working hard every day to get off work, train our mouths, and understand game knowledge. We’re already working very hard, alright?

Why do we look like a bunch of useless people waiting to die?

However, they only dared to lament in their hearts.

They had also watched the commentary video of Bunny Tail live-stream. They had to admit that there was a clear gap between the two sides.

Now, they could neither admit that there was a problem with their ability nor their attitude. No matter which one it was, there would be a huge problem if they admitted it.

What exactly was the problem then?