Is online fried shoes to make money?

Is online fried shoes to make money?

“Someone might want to ask, isn’t it just making cold noodles?”

“What’s the point of bragging about internet commerce and business models when it comes to cold noodles? Isn’t that nonsense?”

“Of course, I know that this concept would be difficult to accept at first glance. It would be more disruptive to our usual concept.”

“However, I want to ask everyone a question. If you hear an entrepreneur talk about a concept or model that everyone thinks is reliable, feasible, and absolutely successful, would you dare to invest?”

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“I would not dare to invest in something like that if I were the investor.”

“That’s because a business model that everyone feels is reliable must be something that many people have already tried. The competition is extremely intense. There’s no point in entering as an entrepreneur now.”

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“Therefore, the birth of a new business model is definitely accompanied by many doubts.”

“Please listen to me patiently. During this process, I will briefly explain every step of the ‘cold-faced lady’ brand.”

“In fact, you don’t have to rush to invest after I’m done with my speech. You can first observe.”

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“Everyone can decide whether to invest once every step I take gradually comes true and proves that this business model is feasible.”

After Meng Chang’s opening speech, many investors, who had been frowning and thinking that it was unreliable, relaxed.

Everyone started listening intently.

Meng Chang was very relaxed and did not feel any pressure at all. He began to talk about the business model of ‘cold-faced lady’.

The overall content was similar to what he had told He Desheng, but the details were much more detailed.

That was because he had limited time when he met He Desheng previously. He could only compress all the content to within half an hour.

However, since it was a news conference now, there was definitely not enough time to produce results. Thus, Meng Chang extended it to nearly two hours.

All the content was divided into three parts.