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I want to spend my life in Thousand Blade Academy in a quiet and peaceful manner as an ordinary student–just quietly swinging my sword.

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The three years at the Gran Swordsmanship Academy were really terrible.

I didn’t belong to any school until I graduated from the academy, and I’ve been bullied for a long time, so I don’t even have any friends.

I absolutely don’t want to go through that dark period again.

I want to learn a lot, train a lot, make friends normally, and sometimes play with everyone in the class – living an ordinary student life.

(…It will be alright. If I don’t accidentally slip my mouth, they’ll never know that I’m a recommended student.)

Anyway, I was lucky.

If I hadn’t listened to this story, I might have let slip about being a recommended admission during the flow of a conversation.

To be able to avoid it is honestly quite lucky for me.

(Yeah, I feel like today’s flow is really good.)

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Then I headed to the gymnasium in a good mood.

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Several teachers stood in front of the gymnasium, and were guiding the new students into the gymnasium.

I joined in with the line of people before me and entered the gymnasium.

There is something like a sheet laid out on the floor.