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Boss Pei gave both money and resources, which was the players. This All-Stars team was basically formed by Boss Pei now;

From the decision making point of view, Boss Pei had created the GPL league and was a producer of GOG. His understanding of game content and the E-Sports industry was much higher than Wu Yue and Manager Lu.

Therefore, even if Boss Pei said that he would not interfere with the operations of FV Club, Manager Lu and Wu Yue would still try to guess Boss Pei’s intentions and try their best to run the club according to the way Boss Pei was satisfied with.

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Pei Qian was not angry when he heard the players arguing. Instead, he was elated.

Why were they so angry after winning the competition?

This meant that there was a problem in the team. There was a hidden danger to exploit!

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That was a good development!

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There was still hope that they would be eliminated as long as they performed badly tomorrow!

Pei Qian became optimistic again at that thought. The corners of his mouth curled up under his mask.

Wu Yue was also in the lounge, looking worried.

Pan Ying was this team’s support player and the team leader.

He was in charge of the entire team’s tactical arrangements and instructions. He was the one who suggested that they play according to GOG’s methods initially, including switching operations, lineup selection, tactical details, and so on. All of them were similar to GOG.