Online source transformation make money is true

Online source transformation make money is true

As for where he would say he got the money from…

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That was simple. He could say that he was now working in the management of Fei Huang Workspace. Since the company had made quite a large sum of money from their short videos, he was given a huge bonus as?well.

Strictly speaking, there was nothing wrong with saying that. Boss Pei was indeed in the management of Fei Huang Workspace, and he had earned a lot of money from it.

Pei Qian decided to make some time to go home and explain these things to his parents.

However, before that, he had to make sure that everything was settled for the company. The settlement cycle was going to last five months this time. It sounded long, but it would pass quickly. This was because everything that Pei Qian was going to work on during this cycleproducing a movie, starting a cell phone business, and so on-would take some time.

Take the movie, for example. Even though the contents were simple and there would not be many special effects, it would take at least a month to prepare, two months to film, and another month to edit and tidy it up. The movie would be produced barely in time for settlement.

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Luckily, Pei Qian had gained some benefits after the System was upgraded to version 2.0. He was now allowed to carry one unannounced product over to the next cycle.

If he could not complete the movie in time for this cycle, settlement would not be affected. He could carry it to the next.

Then, he would definitely have to release it before settlement.

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Still, Pei Qian thought it would be best to finish whatever he could within this cycle.

He decided to take this particular benefit as his security net instead. Otherwise, if he made too big a deal out of it and purposely slowed down work on his projects, he could mess everything up in the end.

Pei Qian flipped through his notebook and turned his attention to Ma Yang. Although he did not want to incessantly bother this good friend of his, he had no other choice.

The able were bound to get more work!

Ma Yang had been in charge of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe and had mildly stabbed Pei Qian in the back during the previous cycle. However, Pei Qian knew that it had not been his intention to do so.