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(Yoshi, this is going good.)

Her breathing has calmed down, and she seems to be gradually regaining her composure.

「Ahaha, unfortunately, it’s a『dropout swordsman』thing… I’m still struggling to control it.」

「Dropout Swordsman… Come to think of it, there was such bogus information, too. If I remember correctly, you were too talentless, and as such, no school would accept you or something like that..」

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「I-It’s a painfully-true story.」

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To be honest, I don’t want her to mention that too much.

(Well, it’s about time to settle this.)

Tenshi-sama’s fear of darkness should have been somewhat cleared.

If we dally too much, the guards outside will rush in soon. It’s time to get down to the issue at hand.

「By the way, Tenshi-sama, about that thing just now… How about we both let bygones be bygones?」

When I brought up a humble proposal,

「Y-You will forgive me? Even though I did such a horrible thing?」she whispered, staring blankly at me.

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「Yes, I don’t mind.」

What Tenshi-sama attempted to do was actually quite nasty. However, her attempt resulted in failure. And there was no real harm done, so I’m not going to drag it out any longer.

「W-Well, then… You’re fine with letting bygones be bygones, right? You won’t do any more scary stuff, will you?」

「No, of course not.」I gently answered.

「T-Thank goodness.」Tenshi-sama exhaled in relief.

「Instead I’d like you to forgive me for retaliating against your guards, please?」

「Fine. It couldn’t be helped, so I’ll forgive you.」