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How to make money online foreign language translation

As to which department to go to...

Pei Qian was uncertain.

Why not... let him decide himself?

Pei Qian asked slowly, “Which department in Tengda do you like the best?”

Cui Geng was taken aback for a moment. “Uh, Boss Pei, I don’t know what departments Tengda has.”

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Pei Qian took out his cell phone directly and logged onto the TPDb website to show him all of Tengda’s current activities. Cui Geng couldn’t help but be secretly shocked when he took over the phone.

This Tengda Corporation was already a monster!

He looked a little dazed. He was interested in many departments, but which one was he most interested in? He was not able to decide.

All the departments should be useful to collect materials for novels.

“Boss Pei, I want to go to all of them. Is it possible? Of course, forget it if it isn’t convenient for you...” Cui Geng said.

Pei Qian was absolutely delighted. “Convenient! Why wouldn’t it be convenient?

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“Things are dead, humans are alive. I’ll definitely satisfy your requirement since you have them!

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“How about this, I’ll give you a special position. You can go to any department of Tengda at will. The person-in-charge of the department will prepare a workstation and pay you wages. Everything will be done in accordance with the standard of formal employees.

“Everyone in the department has to cooperate with you unconditionally if you have a need.

“You’ll set the job scope yourself, and no one else would have the right to intervene.

“Change the department if you want to. Return to the original department if you want to. No person-in-charge of any department can block you for any reason!”

Pei Qian was simply delighted to hear that Cui Geng wanted to ‘go everywhere’. A pure gold dung-stirring stick would be too wasteful if it was only used to stir the class. It should be used to stir the entire Tengda Corporation!

The script in Pei Qian’s vision was perfect.