Make gods online

Make gods online

Ever since the game was published, he was refreshing the figures for Ghost General on the official games platform every other minute to check for number of downloads and reviews by players.

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Yet, one hour had passed...

Three hours...

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Five hours...

The figures had hardly changed at all!

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That was because Ghost General had only taken on a small spot on the recommendation list and that title by itself wasn’t anything particularly attractive nor were there any beautiful advertising images – who would even notice it?

The Lonely Desert Road was discovered by Teacher Qiao because he was an UP Master who specialized in dissing standalone games and would seek out new games on the regular.

That could be said to be an exception amongst exceptions.

Most mobile gamers would not go around looking for new mobile games on the regular unless they were exceptionally popular or poised to be at least.

For a new mobile game such as Ghost General, the chances of it being buried into oblivion was almost 100%!w(MISSING)ithout any marketing measures planned.

“It’s fine, this is always the case for new games. We just have to wait and see,” Pei Qian consoled.

Wait and see?

Yeah, right!

Even though Pei Qian looked to be as worried as Ma Yang on the surface, he was long gloating internally.