What to do online micro-business

What to do online micro-business

“No, no, that’s not okay! Besides, there’s nothing between us at all!”

“So you’re saying that you dislike people thinking there’s a relationship between us despite it obviously not being true? Even if Matsushita spreads rumors about it, why not just let her?”

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“Huh? Letting her say whatever she wants… We can’t ignore that kind of thing. You should go to her now and tell her that there’s nothing going on between me and you”

“Going to talk to Matsushita now would only be counterproductive.”

“You knew this from the start, right?… So why did you half-ass the lie?”

“No matter what I say, the situation won’t change. Isn’t Sato also dubious about my relationship with you? If so, then Matsushita, who is close to Sato, would have heard from Sato that my relationship with you was unusual sooner or later. No, it’s highly likely that she took action after she was informed by Sato.”

It should be thought that she only contacted me after she learned of the situation from the students around her.

“….That, that’s possible… but…”

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After that, contacting Kei was inevitable.

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Even if I strongly denied it this time, it would only confirm their suspicions next time.

If they found out I was lying, they might spread the news.

In that case, drawing the enemy to your side early on would be more beneficial for the future.

But the thing Kei was upset about didn’t seem to be about this.

“But… if someone said that I broke up with Hirata to, well, to date you… Rumours would not only spread within the class, but throughout the whole school as well… That would be a huge pain, you know.”

“Why would it be a pain?”

“Because, if a rumour like that spread… It would really affect me.”

Kei relentlessly expressed her dissatisfaction, not letting go of this.