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Which anchron is making money online?

It was only when Teacher Qiao pointed it out that a realization dawned on He An.

He had originally thought that Teacher Qiao was on the first level, he on the second, and Boss Pei on the third.

Now that Teacher Qiao had climbed to the fourth, he realized that Boss Pei was on the fifth!

He An humbly submitted to their power and quietly shared Teacher Qiao’s video on his Weibo page, adding three thumbs-up emojis in the caption.

To make Struggle the best game that it could be, Boss Pei did not just capture all the actions in the game and perfect every little detail.

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He also made all of his real-life businesses collaborate with the game and set a large-scale puzzle for gamers!

The game and reality were closely intertwined, thus surpassing He An’s expectations.

At that moment, He An only felt one thing:

Complete awe!

Tengda was indeed the light of the local games industry!

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Boss Pei was indeed a legendary thinker!

At 11 in the morning, Dawn of Prosperous City district...

Li Shi strolled to the butler’s room on the first floor.

“Eh? Boss Li!” Song Kai greeted Li Shi passionately.

Boss Li was not only a Sloth Apartments’ resident now.

He was also Boss Pei’s good friend, partner, and the person who successfully answered the meaning of the Sloth Apartments and made it popular instantly!

Even Song Kai, the person-in-charge of this Sloth Apartments, did not expect Boss Pei’s deep meaning to be something like this.

Therefore, Song Kai was now filled with respect for Boss Li; he treated him as Boss Pei’s best friend.