How to make money online in Canada

How to make money online in Canada

To a certain extent, the lucky draw exploited the weakness of human psychology. It was precisely because most people liked to bet on luck and enjoyed the feeling of obtaining something without working hard that the lucky draw activities could be so popular and sustainable.

In other words, the reason why the lucky draw made people feel happy was not entirely because of how precious the prizes were. It was only one aspect; more importantly, the psychological satisfaction that the lucky draw gave people.

In other words, this was a feeling of reaping without sowing.

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Using ten yuan to draw out something worth a hundred yuan was an emotional stimulation to most ordinary people. They were taking advantage of others.

Qiao Liang changed the topic. “Actually, there are many similar situations in business.”

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“Many merchants make use of the mentality that consumers want to reap profits without working hard and want to take advantage of others. They create activities that look very cost-effective but are actually tricking consumers.”

“However, the relevant departments would be stricter when it comes to commercial activities. The punishment would be stricter when it comes to false advertising and marketing cases that induce consumption. Therefore, similar situations are rare.”

“However, the game industry has gradually become a disaster zone.”

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“That’s because games are not purely commercial activities after all. They are more inclined to cultural and entertainment activities. The value of virtual items has never been very clear. The relevant departments’ regulations are relatively weak. Therefore, lucky draw activities in many games have actually become the money-making tools of game merchants. The rules of the lucky draw are also diverse and chaotic. It is difficult to guarantee the benefits of gamers after charging money...”

Qiao Liang even criticized a few games.

For example, a certain mobile game had a scandal some time ago. The official lucky draw event had all been won by a few alternate accounts that had repeatedly changed their names. Moreover, thoughtful players had discovered that these alternate accounts would definitely win once they participated in the lucky draw event.

At that point, Pei Qian heaved a long sigh of relief.

“Still alright, still alright.”

“I thought Old Qiao was going to harm me again!”

“It looks like it has nothing to do with me or Longy Yu Corporation.”

“Long Yu Corporation might have also done a lucky draw, but they probably wouldn’t do something stupid like giving their own alternate accounts the prize. As long as their lucky draw is completely legal and compliant, Teacher Qiao’s video would probably not be AOE.”