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Therefore, I invested myself in the training from an early age to go all the way.

I also skipped a grade to graduate from the Ninja Academy, and became the youngest ninja warrior in history, then to Genin, Chunin, and finally the youngest Jounin. [1]

However, the shinobi path that I arrived at was far from what I had idealized.

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“Then, the next mission is to escort Viscount Ouge Letz, who is on the way to the red light district incognito. Once that is done, Yatou, the anti-government sympathizer, falls. Achieve the task in the midst of their demonstration.”

“Yes, the prince said, ‘I want to make a pilgrimage to the sacred site that became the stage of a book that I love’. In addition to serving as bodyguards, Jounin will also entertain people by wearing costumes and disguising themselves as characters.“

“I want you to lend me a few free genin. I’d like to ask them to dig potatoes in the field.”

The world is at peace. That’s wonderful.

Ironically, however, the duty assigned to us Shinobi by those with influence was not so much.

Although I was born after the war and had not experienced war, I was able to accept it as ‘this is the reality’, but dear elder brothers, who knew the war and the ninja’s secret epic, felt unsatisfied with the present situation.

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“Don’t screw around. Damn, this treatment of shinobi! A common general store...... our duty does not include chores!”

The more peaceful it was, the more discontent my brothers and companions were.

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“The other day, too. The bandit and ferocious monster extermination are left to the samurai, and we Shinobi have a stand-by order named Logistic Support......”