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Tens of thousands of people’s gazes pierced me.

「As expected, there’s something『hidden』about Allen Rodore.」

「Exactly. That frightened figure of Sven… I’m sure he received some kind of『threat』!」

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「No no, maybe Sven was just ”acting”, right?」

「W-What do you mean…?」

「It’s quite simple really… Allen Rodore offered him a deal.『Give up the match in return for a large sum of money』.」

「I-I see…!」

From here, I can’t hear what the audiences were talking about, but…

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I could somehow feel my bad reputation spreading.

(Haa… Why am I the only one who always has to go through this…?)

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Just when I ended up thinking we’ll be able to have a pleasant match, things turn out this way.

And when I heaved a sigh deeply,

「Thank you very much for waiting! So… As a result of the deliberations, it has been ruled that, Allen Rodore wins by default in the Vanguard battle!」

The commentator said, and announced my victory by default.

At that moment, the buzz of the venue became even noisier.

It is most likely that… The audiences don’t agree with the result.