Now there is anything on the online young people to make money.

Now there is anything on the online young people to make money.

Before this, Sloth Apartments only had a simple page on the Tengda Life App. There were rigid regulations but no promotional video. In addition, Tengda Life App had only been updated a while ago, and so Sloth Apartments’ page had largely been neglected.

However, once the promotional video was uploaded, the project gained a lot more focus!

Until now, all of Tengda’s businesses—including Fish-Catching Internet Cafe, Fish-Catching Take-Out, Upwind Logistics, Deposit Fitness, and so on—had excellent reviews.

What’s more, young people had always been particularly fond of rented apartments.

Small intermediaries and sub-landlords were everywhere, approaching those people to rent their apartments. The chances of getting deceived in this industry were extremely high. In fact, it would be abnormal if one was not deceived.

Experienced people would advise others to look for larger intermediaries if they wanted to rent apartments. However, larger intermediaries had many tricks up their sleeves, and they would also bluff customers without any discussion. The only difference was that customers would not be too disadvantaged.

The so-called ‘larger intermediaries’ were really not that different from small intermediaries and sub-landlords. Young people, who were new to the industry, would probably also get deceived when looking for a house of their own.

Most people, who had two to three years of working experience, could only rent a satisfactory house because they had been deceived a lot before. They had learned from their experience and could use large amounts of time and energy to identify those scams. Finding a good house was tantamount to repairing the leakage in their roofs.

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Now, the young in Jingzhou were pleasantly surprised to hear that Tengda had produced apartments!

All things aside, they could definitely trust Tengda not to be like all the other intermediaries. There would not be traps in contracts that would put customers at a severe disadvantage. There would not be salesmen who would pat their chests and make all sorts of promises and then forget customers the moment contracts were signed.

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What’s more, the promotional video was so well done. Chen Lei had sung the theme song, and the house looked warm, comfortable, and minimalistic. The young people were all the more tempted.

However, after viewing the actual apartments and speaking briefly with the butler, many of them changed their minds. People online were no longer praising the apartments to no end but engaging in intense discussion.

“I went to see the houses today. They look exactly the same as the one in the promotional video, without a single change; however, the rent is terrifying! Compared to other exquisite houses in similar locations, rent is at least thirty percent higher!

“Is this the same Tengda that avoids materialism?”