Can I sell toilet paper?

Can I sell toilet paper?

“…What does that mean? I’m not satisfied with this gag order on the rumors about Ichinose-san. Regardless of where they came from, if Ichinose-san was troubled by them, shouldn’t she have reported it to the school herself?”

“You have the wrong idea, Sakayanagi. This problem doesn’t just involve Ichinose anymore.”

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Nagumo responded to Sakayanagi’s question.

“…What are you saying?”

Just as Nagumo was about to explain, Chabashira intervened instead.

“I won’t go into the details, but we’ve already confirmed that there has been an ongoing exchange of slander amongst the first-year students. There are close to twenty different rumors going around at this point. If this is allowed to continue, it will corrupt the public morals of our school. Rumors are rumors. Regardless of whether or not there’s conclusive evidence backing them up, the school doesn’t want to see rumors that target specific individuals continue to spread. Therefore, I’ll inform all of you right now. Moving forward, anyone found spreading meaningless rumors may be subjected to punishment.”

So far, the school had been tolerating the endless spread of rumors, but now they had taken action.

“…I see, so that’s how it is.”

After hearing Chabashira’s explanation, Sakayanagi seemed to understand everything.

“In other words, the school’s finally taking action.”

Horikita drew closer to me after observing the situation and gave me her thoughts.

“This is only an afterthought, but isn’t this enough to save each class? Because of the school’s intervention, Sakayanagi-san’s faction won’t be able to attack Ichinose-san anymore. This should also silence the rumors about Hondō-kun, Shinohara-san, Satō-san, and you that were posted online as well.”

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“Sakayanagi-san went a bit too far. She attempted to frame each class with the same strategy at the same time, but it backfired because it attracted the school’s attention. It seems like with this one belligerent move, she managed to outdo herself.”