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“You needn’t say a word, Lady Mamu.”


“Certainly... I didn’t know about Earth... my life’s greatest failure as far as I’m concerned.”

Why did Earth do this? What happened to Earth?

However, even if I worry about it, I won’t get an answer by dwelling on it, so it’s no use thinking about it now.

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“But if I didn’t know... I’ll learn from now on. Then, no matter what he did, no matter what the world thinks of Earth, I will not abandon Earth. I will not give up on Earth.”

That’s right. Our mutual love is precious.... we can already be called couple with no objections, and as a couple, we have no intention of separating, in order words, we’re basically husband and wife. [1]

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“No, it doesn’t seem that... Earth... about the princess... umm...... as a woman...”

“Yes, I understand. Then, I’ll make him fall in love again after catching him. That’s fine with you, right?”

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“Hmm, you think I’ll back down from just that? Obstacles are inherent in love, and it will only they burn brighter when they are overcome. Then, let’s go capture Earth!”

Too much, Mamu was so concerned about me that she said something like “Earth doesn’t love me anymore ...”. She said such a “lie” to keep me away from this matter it seems, but I’m not childish enough to fall for such tricks.

Earth and me. Our connection cannot be severed or overturned by anyone.

From “that time” when we first came across my Earth ....