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One minute later than we had promised, we all met in the library.

Everyone was ready to take notes and was waiting to start. There were also a lot of other students that were currently studying in the library. From first-years to third-years, everyone was making an effort to study.

I could tell with a glance.

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“You’re late.”

“Sorry, we were a bit late because it was crowded.”

“Did you two eat together!?”

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Ike asked us, feeling suspicious because the two of us came together.

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We did indeed eat together, but I don’t think we should say anything here.

“Yea, we did. We had lunch together.”

Like I said, you didn’t have to say that… With a disgruntled expression, Ike glared at me. As if he saw me as his rival. Without looking at me, Horikita continued to talk.

“Hurry up.”

“… Ok.”

I quietly sat down and took out my notes.

“I thought I would need more help, but geography is surprisingly easy.”

“Chemistry’s also easier than I thought.”

Ike and Yamauchi spoke up.

“That’s because there’s a lot of memorization problems. Subjects like Math or English have questions that you can’t answer if you don’t have the basics.”