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We were taken aback for a moment by the unexpected statement.

「This is a confidential matter, but… This country is now in a very unstable situation. The『Royal Faction』led by Rodis-san and Tenshi-sama and the『Noble Faction』led by the great nobles – these two factions are engaged in fierce political strife.」

Sensei said, and went on explaining.

「I’d like to briefly explain the difference between the two. The royal faction puts the national interest first and wants the development of Ringuard Imperial Kingdom and the rest of the world. On the other hand, the noble faction wants to sell the Imperial Kingdom to the Holy Ronelia Empire and eventually fulfil world domination.」


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We raised our voices involuntarily at the shocking remark.

「W-Why is the noble faction pushing to join the Empire!?」

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If the superpower of evil which leads the Black Organization were to control this world… It will be Hell on Earth

「The guys from the noble faction are connected to the nobles of the Empire behind the scenes.『The rich hang out with the rich』kind of thing… They were apparently promised the ranks of nobles in the Empire in return for selling the Imperial Kingdom.」

Sensei shook her head with a sour face

「…But why does the noble faction have so much power? There are many different factions in Vesteria too, but none of them have the power to go against father.」

Ria asked curiously, while tilting her head.

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「About that… The noble faction has one of the seven strongest swordsmen of mankind, the pride of the Holy Knights Association – one of the Seven Holy Swords in their hand. They use that overwhelming『military might』as their backing, and grow increasingly impudent every year.」

When sensei said that, Rose, who had been silent up until now, spoke.

「The existence of the Seven Holy Swords is certainly astounding, but… This side has『Black Fist』Leia Lasnode, right?」

「I’m happy you evaluate my military might as such, but… Unfortunately, I have to say that the current situation is quite bad. The Directors of the Five Academy’s except me and Ferris, and the Five Wealthy Merchants except Rize Dorahain – all of them support the Noble Faction.」

Sensei exhaled loudly, and continued to explain.

「Rize, who insists on staying neutral, is as easy going as ever. I never know what she’s thinking. And on the other hand, Chemy Festa of White Lily Academy, is also a neutral party, but… we’re talking about the『woman of eternal debt』here. As soon as money is thrown, she will start wagging her tail for the noble faction. In other words, the royal faction is in a precarious situation.」